TAP Portugal A330-300 (new livery)


Do not forget us IF!


Hopefully not! Portuguese and South Americans are together for this livery. :D


I hope it will be added, for us and our friends from Portugal!


I actually might have to free up a vote for this


this painting was already to exist in the simulator, I hope it will add


Totally a needed livery.


I LOVE THIS LIVERY! I hope there will be this version in IF soon!


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done LPPT - SBRF from generic lol


Actually, many customers of the simulator want this Livery in the simulator and this is doing a great lack, the Galera can not take more generic


I already did a generic trip once too


I see TAP livery


i see qantas


I see generic, if you make the pic brighter you can see what it really is.




I do see your point! If you want to show me anymore, take this to PM so we don’t clog up this thread.


I see a Skyteam logo in the front of the picture, so its most likely not TAP Portugal as they are part of Star Alliance.


And the Aeroflot Livery!


Guys, I’m sorry, but is not this a subject for reworking?


Well … I just hope that this painting of Tap arrives at this update and a dream of this painting in the simulator, I think the majority here agrees.


I was wanting both of those liveries too!