TAP Portugal A330-300 (new livery)


I really want this to come into IF. I live about 2 min from EWR and I see sometimes 2 TAP Portugal planes come by. I’m pretty sure that everyone else also wants this livery. Maybe the Portuguese the most.


And a beautiful livery, she wanted in the IF


The Brazilians are voting in it so I Think it is a good sign, Im kinda tires tired of using the B747-200 in the retro retro livery.


I always want to do an international flight with TAP, plus there is a large aircraft that does long flights example A330, which is a great aircraft. There’s only B747 and it’s old.


As a portuguese, I think this should really be added along with an A330 rework having this on the Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A330-200 would be terrific!


Have my vote on this beautiful plane. My two favorite A330 liveries, TAP and Alitalia (because I’m both nationalities.) The amount of flights you can do from the Americas is huge!!


If they aren’t going to release this livery like they did with the 5 liveries for the A320’s that they did a couple of weeks ago, then they might rework the A330 without telling us or they might surprise us with wing flex and cool new features like they did for the A320 family.


It is truly a very interesting request.


I really like Alitalia too! Southern Europe needs more liveries, such as Aegean, Alitalia, Iberia and TAP!


100% agreed. Southern Europe and Middle East is like a potpourri of all my nationalities lol.


This livery deserves this in the Infinite flight


I really hope it comes some time soon


Another painting that can not be missed in the IF! I love this painting, I see TP011 flying every day near where I live, and I’m dreaming to see this painting in the IF doing this route. LPPT-SBRF. One more vote!


TAP makes a lot of flights to South America. A livery that will be very well used in the IF, I believe; and she’s beautiful too. 🙂


It would be great to see this livery on the A333 after the rework!


Or before the rework lol


This livery is totally needed.


It adds because there will be many flights with this aircraft in the teams of Portugal and Brazil!


Well, they were doing a makeover on the A330 to improve his situation until doing a rework, I just do not know if that reform would be enough for them to re-invest new liveries in the A330. 🙁


I love this route!