TAP Portugal A330-300 (new livery)


Thank you very much. 😁


I agree, the devs could definitely add a new livery to the A330


I agree also, I wanted to release this livery in the next update but I know there are other liverys with more votes there are more forward I hope it will be released briefly in addition I wish it has the same livery on the A340


Great Idea, I also feel the need for this livery. It would help a lot with my TAP 5+ hour flights. You got my vote!


The A340 would probably be harder to add, because IF has the A340-600 and TAP has the A340-300. But anyway it would be great to see as well as the A333


What a nice livery… I voted!


Voted. Hopefully this will get added, i really want some Portuguese liveries in IF!


Great livery. I really want to see more TAP Portugal liveries in the game! My vote is here :D


It would be very good for this aircraft to make routes to South America.


Support, it would be great to have this painting to make trips from Lisbon to Fortaleza, and other cities in the northeast and Brazil, plus one vote . 👍


Hey :)

You also have my vote. I fly with TAP most of the time, but i can only use the A320, so I usually fly only in Europe. Sometimes I use the 747-200 for international flights but this livery (and plain) is not used any more by TAP so it’s a bit frustrating.

It would be so great to have a A330 TAP :)

(By the way, I try to control Ground and Tower in Lisbon when I have some time, do not hesitate to travel to west Europe it’s always great to fly to a new controlled airport like Lisbon and it’s a pleasure to welcome you there :) )


It would really be interesting, and necessary, a livery from TAP on the A330-300, would not it? 🙂


Really want this livery on the sim, along with an A330 rework!


Who knows in the next update? Hope so.


Well it certainly is necessary. Now with the TAPVA, we only have the A320 TAP livery and this plane has a very limited range (though I already made 5h flights with it).
An A330 TAP livery would be very appreciated ! TAP operates many flights to South America so it would be great to have it (I have used the generic version of the A330, but it’s really not so enjoyable).


Too bad … I would have flown miles with this aircraft today.


Yes but excepting people who flies with TAP in IF, the other ones don’t really want to vote for this livery ahah
But I can understand why developers only made the TAP A320. TAP is not really a big airline and Portugal is actually a small country. TAP is a basic airline like others national airlines.
It would be great to have the TAP A330 for the flights to Brazil as both Portugal and Brazil have a lot of routes between them.
But Brazil have a lot more airlines than Portugal so it would be great to have Brazilian liveries too !


Yeah, but even though that Portugal is small, we are often very crowded (lots of tourists) in Porto, specially.
Btw to those who arent familiarized, TAP is the airline where people go to Brazil as it is cheaper and it offers a wider variety of cities.
When the a330 gets reworked, hopefully they will install this livery. There is a lack of Iberic airline liveries, such as TAP and Iberia.


And there really is a lot of TAP plane landing here in Brazil.


I really miss this livery in the IF. My routes from Brazil to Portugal are even bland. The more realism, the better!