TAP Portugal A330-300 (new livery)


Hello guys!

With the arrival of Global, I would like to ask IF developers to add this livery from TAP Portugal to the Airbus A330-300, because in Infinite Flight we only have the TAP A320; and since we will make many international flights, that TAP A333 livery will be very useful and necessary.

If you, dear reader, agree with my point of view, help me by giving your vote and leaving your comment. Grateful. :)


Credits to Tiago Palla.

Airbus A330 Rework
Airbus A330 Rework

Nice livery and fair point there!
If I had any votes left, you would have had mine ;-)


Anyway, I appreciate the support. :)


I love this livery. Proud of my flag carrier Tap Portugal. Cumprimentos.


There is also the TAP Portugal 747-200 in Infinite Flight! Would like to see this livery though, it would be great for Latin American routes!


Thanks for watching, buddy. It’s just that I did not pilot the B742, so I had forgotten that it also has the livery of TAP. LOL


There are many flights made by TAP with the A330 here in Brazil and around. I truly believe that this livery on the A330-300 will become much needed in the Global.


I dont have more votes but i would vote. This should defenitly in IF. In TAP virtual we use the unmarked livery, but it would be terrific to have that livery


Beautiful A330-300 winglet design is really cool!


Share the link with friends. Maybe we can get the attention of the IF Devs? πŸ˜‰


I want the TAP Portugal A330 livery so bad!! It would be great to fly from New York to Lisboa in it. Also I would want the Alitalia A330 livery also


voted my friend big hug :)


Love TAP and A330s


This would be a great add-on to an A330 rework!


That one is for A330-200, while this one is for A330-300. Which they just recently got from ex. SIA A333 frames 😊

Awesome livery by the way, looks stunning!


also on the tail it says AIR portugal, they have recently added AIR onto their fleet


If we could get a330 rework and some liveries like this it would be great!


Yes, I recently bought the a330 (in IF lol). This would be a great addition, looks sweet


I agree! it would be really cool if we had livery for the IF simulator! You can count on my vote :)


This livery is very needed in the Global!