TAP Portugal A320 (updated sharklets)

Is it me or anyone else think it looks cooler with these sharlets


i agree it does especially as it has a cool design on them

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Yup, I like that colors on the sharklets like in red and green

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I love the sharklets design.

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I would like this

I believe bavaria aviation won’t however

Amazing livery. 😍✈️

You know it, you know it.
I don’t know why you all want sharklets…
They don’t look better at all and are just additional work. Oh well…

I love wings with sharklets. Don’t like Doritos. Hate them without any winglets (except 787 wings).

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Hope the’ll apply them with the next Update…

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I just needed to bump this request it’s my favourite a320SL i love the sharklets on the a320 and even better on TAP voted

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I’m starting to like A320s with sharklets now. This one looks a lot better than the one in the game currently. I would vote but I ran out of votes :/

 this livery MUST be added on IF !!!!

The sharklets would make a nice little detail on the beautiful TAP livery we’re already having in IF ;)


funfact the first tap in game had sharklets

Yes I know Bumped it again We have to Get this just ordered a 1;200 model of this one w/sharklets it would be so awesome to have it in infinite flight to please help us get it and vote !