TAP Flight 217 Falling Through Ground

Good morning, I am making a report about the issue that I have this morning. This is TAP Flight 217 heading to Boston from Lisbon and as I crossed RWY 21 to taxi for take off, the plane fell through the ground. This happened on the first attempt and then when I tried again by clearing the scenery cache, it happened again. So here is the replay shot for evidence.


Did you quit and re-launch Infinite Flight before clearing the cache?

If that doesn’t work, you may have to unfortunately reinstall Infinite Flight. Make sure you take a backup of your replay files, as these will be deleted when you reinstall the app.

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I didn’t quit and relaunch before clearing the cache. I’ll try to do that right now. Thank You @CaptainSooraj

Sure. Let us know on here if that works!


I have had this problem as well at KSFO

Just following these steps should be enough to fix the issue. Feel free to make a support topic if the issue persists after following these steps.

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It worked @CaptainSooraj. Thank you so much and now I am en route to Boston. I will be arriving to Boston by 4:20 PM or later. I expected to depart at 7:40 AM which is 11:40 AM Lisbon time, but when the incident occurred, I was delayed for over an hour so, I am gonna be in Boston late due to that issue.

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