Tap Express Embraer 195


This picture was taken in Düsseldorf. It was photographed by Lars van Zundert All credits to him.


Tap Express is a regional Portuguese airline based in Lisbon. This airline operates low demand and short haul routes for Tap Portugal.
Tap express currently has a fleet of 20 aircraft.
Most of this aircraft came from AZUL a Brazilian airline!
Tap express used to be called Portugalia but was renamed to what it is now on the 14th of January in the year of 2016.


Tap express currently only owns two Embraer’s 195 but have two more in order. The ones Tap owns now have the following registrations:

CS-TTZ (Named Madeira)
CS-TTY (Named Lisboa)

This aircraft has a capacity of 120 passengers. The business class cabin consists on the number of people flying.

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It lookz very noice. Me want fly. Me give vote!

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TAP’s livery is clean and simple, yet stands out. I wouldn’t mind seeing this on an Embraer 195 in Infinite Flight.

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Never knew TAP ordered some embraers 195 I just thought that the 190 were good.TAP livery is good as always


The livery will be nice to do fights between Lisboa and Madeira, looks nice!

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what does this mean? Anyway nice feature request and for a beautiful aircraft!

They do it on the A319/A320 although it would be cool to use this plane for that route

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Usually most intra-Europe business class cabins are an economy seat with a blocked middle seat in between, thus the cabin is very flexible in terms of configurations.

So they just take out the middle seats?

No, they keep the middle seat, as it serves as a small tray/cup holder as seen below.

Image Credit: Gary Leff on Boarding Area

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Oh that is actually really cool! allows for more versatility on flights.

This is one of the most bright and vibrant liveries ever! You’ve got my vote! :)

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I like the livery a lot, it stands out.


I am happy you like it!

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Yes we need this livery in IF.

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Another good alternative for Global. 👏👏👏

Magnificent painting, magnificent plane, perfect wedding! Dream still to see in IF.

It’s a brilliant, vibrant livery and you will probably get my vote once I’ve got some votes back. The thing is I don’t see any new e jet liveries until the series itself is reworked.

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