TAP Embraer E-190

I love flying the Embraer Series aircraft, but they do have a lack of liveries for each aircraft. It would be amazing to add the TAP livery to the E-190, since they now recently have announced an interest to purchase several aircraft. The devs could add it as a bonus if they rework the Embraer series!


Can s.b put this in features… COOOOOL IDEA MAN👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

How would I put this into feature? I attempted too before posting it but the option wasn’t there. Thanks

One of the Regulars putted it on Features, thank you Nick!!,btw Welcome to the Fourms

Spelling and grammar!! put

Is there a picture or something?



yeah this livery should definetly be added. Looks really good

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This livery looks amazing. People should vote for this!

Since we having the E190 reworked
I wish to see this livery. Will open more routes and will be better to TAP VA

Why this gets a bump by someone years after though there’s already a topic 💀