TAP at Heathrow

Hello everyone !
Even if Heathrow might not be a very original place to take screenshots,
I still managed, in my opinion, to take pretty good pictures to share with you.
Hope you’ll enjoy ‘em !

The flight isn’t based on a real route
TAP Airbus A320-200 from EGLL to LPPR in approx. 2hrs20, Expert server.

Parked at terminal 2, accompanied by a Lufthi A320.

Taxiing to 27L, as usual it’s busy here.

Holding short runway 27L, waiting for that Embraer to land.

Entering 27L and patiently waiting for him to get off it

Rotate !

Leaving Heathrow airspace…

…Then approaching LPPR

Thank you for watching !


Hi There @Sowlow!
The screenshots are lookin great! and its cool to see the busy action at Heathrow, unfortunately according the the community guidelines, you are only able to have a maximum of 10 screenshots/videos per post. but that’s no problem, you can just pick a few off yourself!

More information about the #screenshots-and-videos topic can be found here.

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Theres some lovely shots right there!

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I really like this one btw!
Keep it up!!