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IFVARB Approved since 2017 summer


About us

Connecting Portugal to the World. At TAPVA we aim to offer the best possible experience to our pilots. Here you get to meet others and develop new friendships, because we have members from all over the globe! You can also develop your soft and hard skills! Here we have a big variety of routes and aircrafts, so you won’t get bored!
We meet the needs of the Portuguese community, which has all its members, currently, in the VA. We are flexible and adaptable to the changes in the simulator.
We want everyone to feel they are in the VA, so our staff and pilots are trained to welcome a pilot as soon as he/she enters the server. In addition, everyone has the right to express his/her opinion, as well as posting ideas that help to improve the VA. Everyone is listened here!
Our discord server is prepared for everything and our staff is active, friendly and professional.
You will also see a lot of scenic places while flying for us, which is definetly worth joining. What are you waiting for? Go join us now! Our arms are wide open!

Check our staff page (for us, it looks really good)!

The team

João Sousa (@Narruto_Mieumieu) - CEO
Manuel Macedo (@Manuel_Macedo) - COO
Marcos David (@Marcos) - Flight Manager
RTK (@HFP) - Events Manager
Henrique Chen - Moderator
Alberto Neves (@Europa_U_E_99) - Moderator

Our “arsenal” of aircrafts is diverse, with aircraft as little as the E190, to aircraft as big as the B747-200!
You can also check them here , or down below!


Embraer E190- The Brazilian made Embraer 190 is used in our TAP Express routes. It is a pleasant aircraft to fly.
Embraer E195- The longer version of the E190, the E195 is used on longer TAP Express routes, such as Lisbon-Manchester.
Airbus A319- The smaller version of the A320, the A319, is used on long medium-haul routes, as well as some lower-demand medium-haul routes.
Airbus A320- The Airbus’s best-seller plane, the A320, is on our fleet, being used on our medium haul routes across routes.
Airbus A321- The longer version of the A320, the A321, is used on our medium-haul routes with higher demand. When the NEO version gets delivered, it will also be used in routes between Porto and the US East Coast.
Airbus A330- The A330 is used on all of our long haul routes. Easy to land, and pleasant to fly.
Boeing B747-200- The memory of the good ol’ days, when TAP used to have B747-200s. Fortunately still in TAP VA’s fleet, and used on our long haul routes.

For our 7 aircraft, we have 6 ranks. Check them here or below!


E190-Trainee; 0h
E195-Second Officer; 3h
A319-First Officer; 6h
A320/A321-Senior First Officer; 12h
A330-Captain; 30h
B747-200; 60h

Our destinations are spread across 34 countries, in 3 continents. Most of our medium haul routes are in Europe, with the majority of the long haul ones being destinated to South America. Check the routes here!

Check our partners here, or below!


Azul VA (not IFVARB approved yet): @Eliel_Felipe45
Etihad VA: @EtihadVirtual (more details about the partnership to be released)
GOL VA: @Wendel
LATAM VA: @Flying_Ant
TAAG VA (not IFVARB approved yet): @TAAG_VA_CEO


Discord or Slack?

We use a discord server to communicate among us, because we consider discord better. Our server is only accessable by an invitation link, sent by one the managers to the person who applied.


Interested in joining? Just click here and fill the formulary!

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to fill our support formulary, which you’ll find here!

A huge thanks to @HFP for helping a lot in the elaboration of the thread!

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Thanks for reading about us!

Happy landings!

TAP Virtual, with arms wide open

If you are looking for the real TAP, just click here
TAP Virtual is in no way associated with the real TAP.


I’m always flying near Lisbon, see you guys around…Best of luck TAP!

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Hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we do! Thanks for the good luck wish!

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Looking good!

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Thanks man!


Update #1

The Crew center will, permanently, be shut down. We are deciding, internally, if a new one should be done or not.

By the way, we are still active, even though we are lacking in interaction with the IFC.

Happy flying!

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Update #2
We hope you guys had an amazing christmas and new year’s eve! A prousperous 2019 for everyone!

New Partnership
We have a codeshare agreement with Air India Virtual!
They’ll get to fly to YYZ, MIA, BOS, JFK, EWR from Lisbon, while we’ll get to fly to FRA, SYD, SIN, BKK, NRT from Delhi!

End of partnership
As you might know, LATAM VA ceased, unfortunately. Therefore, our partnership ended.

Check Air India VA!

#Update #3

-Some of our branding had an upgrade;
-A brand new thread is coming very soon!
-This thread will get closed in a very near future!
-More exciting news coming when the new thread gets published!

Stay tuned!


New thread coming!