TAP Air Portugal VA | PORTUGAL never was so close | Official Thread


Do you like updating routes and certify they’re available for everyone? That’s the perfect role for you. We have 2 positions available for this role.
Take your part in a very friendly and inovating team and build a story that you’ll certainly be proud of.
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This is an awesome thread, nicely done guys!!



Today we recrated and gave more life to the A330neo delivery.
It was an event powered by @Airbus_Virtual which TAP Air Portugal VA had the honor to participate.
It was a very enthusiastic and creative event and for so, we want to publicly say thanks to @Airbus_Virtual for making our wish (the delivery) true and even more, flying along with us to our home LPPT.

And, the was the perfect opportunity to pick all the content we have and create a video that rewinds this amazing event.
We hope you like it!

TAP Air Portugal VA Board Members


Thank you very much @JEN, it means a lot for us! :D

J Barroso

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We are reaching the 1st month running and we counting more and more numbers.
Special mention to @Nicholas_Dias_Gomes for carrying our name around the globe.
Check those below:

TPVA Stats

TAP Air Portugal VA Staff Team


Hehe thanks guys

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We were challenged by our friends from @UnitedVirtual to fly around KSFO and create a video that announce our partnership.
It took a time till we meet and make this happen but finally we where there.

That is ceratinly a blastful way to announce our codeshare and partnership with UVAL, extending our options along the US, Oceania and Western Asia.

TAP Air Portugal VA, the close even closer. Start your adventure today!


Applied for this wonderful VA!!


Founders meeting

About 2 weeks ago, the (re)founders of TAP Air Portugal met each other for the very first time at CEO #1 job’s place: LPPT.
@CptRuben coming from the west Lisbon, @MiguelB earned some miles on the road coming from nothern Portugal and @flybarroso… don’t mind him, he lives 2km from the airport.
A lot of good talk about aviation in general and the VA we all merged. Barroso had to leave earlier but both Miguel and Ruben stayed there till the sun goes down.

Now, here’s some pictures of that day!

1. 2 beatss resting at supposed rwy 17!

2. The fastest visitor (spent like, 40 minutes parked since arrival)

3. The founders
(From left to right) CEO #3 @MiguelB, CEO #1 @flybarroso and CEO #3 @CptRuben

4. The real best aka EK192 turning for the T/O

5. LPPT after the sun goes down.

Thanks for reading! :D


@CptRuben @MiguelB no more wishes left for this year.
Merry Christmas both

Merry Christmas

That day was amazing. Next time we will do a bigger party there hehehe

Wow! I did not know this service restarted.

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Nice topic, and very well put together. I often use Lisbon as my Hub as I Dispose of 3. I’m happy that IF is bringing people together

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Oh yes it did! And has been a long while since it restarted! When they came back, was just one flight per day, now they have 2.

J Barroso

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For real, certainly, is a friendship that will last for a long, long time! IFC is the best of IF, this goes way beyond of a mobile simulator.

J Barroso

Whoever came that with the VA slogan deserve to be honored because the slogan was so perfect by the sound of it although I don’t understand what the slogan “Portugal never was so close” meant

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I don’t know how can I explain, basically, translated to portuguese “Portugal nunca esteve tão perto” means that Portugal is close to you! More than ever been… I don’t know if you could understand, english is not my strongest point.

J Barroso

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That’s perfect, thanks. :)

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Yeee you’re welcome!

J Barroso

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