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Welcome to TAP Air Portugal VA Thread

With a new management team and without affraid of challenges, TAP Air Portugal VA is back with a lot of energy and real portuguese spirit.
Have you ever wondered how could you live with Portugal in your heart? We got the answer: TAP Air Portugal VA! Do you still have your doubts? Join us then!


TAP Air Portugal VA or simply TAPVA, is based on real world airline TAP Air Portugal known as TAP. TAPVA counts now with 2 hubs wich are LPPR (Porto) and LPPT (Lisbon) as the main HUB. We have more than 150 routes and a funny variety in the fleet, the key to make your experience way more interesting.
With codeshare agreements with major airlines and a few cargo routes TAPVA provides a huge variety of destinations around the globe, giving even more options and reasons to choose us as your Virtual Airline.

TAP Air Portugal VA strives to give its pilots and all members a realistic and professional experience and inclusion in the group, turning this VA into something that isn’t only runned by its staff but all the members in, principally the pilots.

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TAP Air Portugal VA staff is composed by men and woman listed below:

Role Member
CEO @flybarroso
COO @CptRuben
HR & Route Manager @MiguelB
Social Media Designer @Ines_pereira
Chief Pilot @Infinite_Flight_Bra1

Are you aiming to work with us? Submit your application here.

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TAP Air Portugal VA counts now with 9 types of airplanes since A320 family till DH8D (AT72’s crossover).
We believe the variety in a fleet is the key to gain favouritism within the community.

Airplane Airline
Airbus 319 - 100 TAP Air Portugal
Airbus 320 - 200 TAP Air Portugal
Airbus 321 - 200 TAP Air Portugal
Airbus 330 - 300 TAP Air Portugal
Airbus 330 - 900 TAP Air Portugal
Boeing 747 - 200 TAP Air Portugal
Embraer 190 TAP Express
Embraer 195 TAP Express
Dash 8 (ATR 72’s crossover) TAP Express

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TAP Air Portugal VA has Codeshare agreements with some of the most concepted VAs in the IFC.
Check them out below!

As codeshare partners, the fleet is shared as well! We believe the that a healthy and large partnership is the key for success.

Check below which other airliners you will able to fly:

Codeshare fleet
Airplane Airline
Airbus 319 - 100 Brussels Airlines, Air India, United, easyJet, Swiss
Airbus 320 - 200 Aegean, Saudia, Etihad, Lufthansa, ANA, Air Asia Japan, Finnair, Airbus Industry, Air India, Azul, United, easyJet, Air Asia, Asiana, Spirit
Airbus 321 - 200 Alitalia, Austrian, Etihad, Saudia, Lufthansa, ANA, Finnair, Airbus Industry, Air India, Asiana, Spirit, Swiss
Airbus 330 - 300 Brussels Airlines, Saudia, Lufthansa, Finnair, Airbus Industry, Air Europa, Air Asia, Asiana, Swiss, Thai
Airbus 330 - 900 Azul Linhas Aéreas, Air Asia
Airbus 340 - 600 Finnair, Tahiti Nui, Thai
Airbus 350 - 900 Lufthansa, Finnair, Ethiopian, Airbus Industry, United, Asiana, Thai
Airbus 380 - 800 Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa, Airbus Industry, Asiana, Thai
Boeing 737 - 700 Ethiopian, United, GOL
Boeing 737 - 800 El Al Israel Airlines, Ethiopian, United, GOL, Webjet, LOT
Boeing 737 - 800 United
Boeing 747 - 400 Saudia, Lufthansa, Air India, Asiana
Boeing 747 - 8 Lufthansa, Nippon Cargo
Boeing 757 - 200 Finnair, United
Boeing 767 - 300 ANA, United, Asiana
Boeing 777 - 200ER Austrian, Saudia, ANA, United, Asiana, Thai
Boeing 777 - 200LR Emirates, Etihad, Air India
Boeing 777 - 300ER Emirates, Etihad, Saudia, All Nippon, Air India
Boeing 777 Freighter Etihad; Saudia
Boeing 787 - 8 ANA, Ethiopian, United, Air Europa, LOT, Thai
Boeing 787 - 9 Etihad, Saudia, ANA, Air India, Tahiti Nui, United, Air Europa
Boeing 787 - 10 Etihad, ANA, United
Bombardier CRJ 700 United
Bombardier CRJ 900 Lufthansa
Cessna 208 Tahiti Nui
Dash - 8 ANA, Ethiopian, Tahiti Nui, United
Embraer 170 LOT
Embraer 175 United
Embraer 195 Azul, Air Europa
McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Saudia, Ethiopian

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TAP Air Portugal VA holds a 10-level raking system. As more you fly, as more routes you will be able to fly.
Check the levels in the table below:

Rank Flight Time (in hours) Unlocked
Trainee 0 - 10 Regional and short-haul routes; TAP Express Routes
Cadet 10 - 25 TAP Air Portugal Routes; Routes w/ Boeing 737-800
First Officer 25 - 45 Medium-Haul routes; Routes w/ Airbus 320
Senior First Officer 45 - 75 Routes w/ Airbus 321 and Boeing 757-200
Captain 75 - 100 Long-haul routes; Routes w/ Airbus A330-300, Boeing 777-200ER
Flight Captain 100 - 200 Routes w/ Boeing 777-200LR and 777-300ER
Senior Flight Captain 200 - 350 Ultra long-haul routes; Boeing 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10
Commercial Captain 350 - 500 Routes w/ Airbus 380
Senior Commercial Captain 500 - 750 Cargo routes; Routes w/ MD11F and Boeing 777F
ATP Senior Captain 750 + Historic Routes - Boeing 747-200 TAP Retro Livery; 1.4x multiplier

"Routes" includes codeshared ones except Trainee

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Have you been thinking in exploring places that maybe you've never been before? TAP Air Portugal VA gives you more than 90 destinations to explore. Get yourself inspired and come explore with us. Cancun and Cape Town are the newest aditions, increasing our options both to Central America and Sub-saharian Africa.
Fun fact: TAP Air Portugal is the only VA until now that owns a route wich connect São Tomé (FPST) with the world? And we are the european VA with more routes to Brasil!


The Charter Flight Programme is an in-development programme that strives to give the opportunity for all pilots to explore and find out destinations off of our scheduled routes.
This project has the intuition of allowing our pilots represent TAP Air Portugal VA around the globe and community.

The Charter Flight Programme will work in the following conditions:

  • It will work in the 2nd and 4ths weekends of the months.
  • The routes will be announced between mondays and thursdays.
  • The pilots will only be able to fly the attributed A/Cs.
  • 1.3x multiplier for each featured flight

The goal of this project is giving to our pilots not only a way to rank up faster but to give more options to fly and promoting TAP Air Portugal VA’s colors around the IF and IFC and give the opportunity to take advantage of our fleet as well.

TAPVA Academy (1)

The real question is: wich VA isn't looking for good pilots? At TAP VA we give special attention to pilots that are starting in Infinite Flight. We provide pratical trainings, Q&A sessions and knowledge sharing about ATC communications based in the User Guide.

The attendance at the academy is more dedicated to the ones who:

  • Have less than 50% in the theoretical exams
  • Show clear evidences of difficulties in flying
  • Show clear evidences of diffiiculties in communicating with ATC

After accomplishing a certain time of training, the trainee will be evaluated and will be free of the academy, altough, it is open for all the pilots.

TAPVA Academy (2)

In the first ranks, we give the freedom of choice for our newest pilots so they can explore our routes and the codeshared ones.
From the Senior First Officer ranks, the scenario changes, forcing the pilots departing from were they arrived. The non-compliance of this rule can take to PiREP denial.
It starts automatically after the achieving the mentioned rank.

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Thinking in joining us? See what you need to apply:

  • Be 14 years old or older.
  • Grade 2 or higher
  • Have a valid IFC account in good standing.
  • Access to Discord
  • Access to Airtable
  • Enthusiasm to fly around the world

You meet all the criteria? Apply here and you will be contacted by a staff member soon.

Application Process

Our application process is composed by 3 phases.

  • In the phase 1, your application will be reviewed and you will receive the feedback about if it was accepted or denied.

  • In the phase 2, you must approve in a theorical test to test you knowledge about safety, proccedures ATC communication and aviation in general.

  • In the phase 3, you must schedule and pass in pratical test wich the main analyzed factors will be the pilots behaviour and proccedures knowledgement. In an initial phase, pratical tests will be staffed by ATC.

Note: Phase 3 is only mandatory to Grade 2 pilots and applicants with a poor mark in the test.

Thank you for reading our thread and we hope to see you in the skies!

TAP Air Portugal VA board members

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This thread format was honestly and secretly inspired by Air Europa VA’s thread

Wow so cool! Congratulation on the approval happy to see new VA!


Amazing thread, glad to be one of your partners!

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Waiting for A339 neo :) let’s gooo


Shortly we’ll say: The Time Is NEO! :D

- Barroso


A nice topic, congratulations. 🇧🇷🇵🇹


Welcome to the VA world! Amazing thread you have. Congratulations.

Thanks bro!!! 🛫

- Barroso

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Welcome to the Community and congratulations TAP Virtual on the approval🤘

Finaly we are hereeeee ✈❤🙏



Much love from @DubaiVirtual. Wishing you nothing but success in the future! See you in the skies!


Good luck!

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Thankss!! :D Maybe we can meet at a soon event :p

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Thank you guys! We appreciate your support!!!

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Miguel Batista


Congratulations TAPVA!! We’re very happy to be one of your codeshare partners! Looking forward to seeing y’all in the skies and more collaborations with future aircraft!

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Hey TAPVA, Congrats for Approval IFVARB to you 😍 and very nice thread 😍


Big congratulations to TAPVA for now being an approved Virtual Airline! I’m looking forward to see you in the skies :D
(Really nice thread as well btw)