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Você pode parar de falar em português por favor ??

I understand that this is an all-english forum but one message in a different language isn’t really something that bad, I’ve seen people talking a bit of their native language and nobody really did anything.


Why cant I speak Portuguese to Portuguese people, its my language, respect it!


As the reply was directed to me, i dont think that there is a problem sir.

I used google translate fam. Calm down. There isn’t a problem SIR

I think this is a misunderstanding sir.
I dont mean to be agressive or not calm, i just wanted to express myself in a calm way, as i am doing now. About the Portuguese matter:
Its better if we move on with this, @Flying_Ant deleted his reply.

You know what, im past this, i will keep speaking portuguese to portuguese people whether you like it or not, deal with it SIR! Btw, I dont use google translate like you, I learned english instead of making other people speak portuguese for me

We gotta move on, please ignore that. We Portuguese tend to be agressive sometimes.

We were not agressive by any means friend

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Either way, we gotta move on.

We do indeed, again great thread and good luck to your VA, happy to be a part of the family!

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Thanks once again Ant!

😑😑 Not aggressive hey? Have a nice day SIR see y’all later. Jk have a great day. 🙂

Move on, let it go. Ignore this




Updated things in the partners page, such as new partners! However, Air Azores VA was removed due to its cease of operations.
Updated our fleet and ranks page: now you need 25 hours for the a330 and 40 hours for the b742.


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Added a new crew center to upgrade our current system: http://airportugalif.infinite-airlines.org/vam/index.php?lang=en

A huge thank you to @Artem_F (founder and owner of Air Baltic VA) and to his amazing service, Infinite airlines.

The advertisement below was not requested by Artem, it is just to express my satisfaction regarding the service, and to thank him in a more special way.

If you are interested in using his service, check them out!

Website: http://infinite-airlines.org/

If you are interested in Air Baltic VA, check them out:

Website: www.airbalticva.weebly.com

Happy Landings!



We decided to do the “Portuguese discoveries” series of event later. The new event series will be “Portugal national team flights”, in which we “simmulate” the RL flights of the Portuguese national team in Russia. We will start in Lisbon but then we will travel in Russia, to “Mirror” the team’s flights. Example: The team plays in Sochi, than in Moscow (so one event will be from Sochi to Moscow, when the PNT actually flies between these cities).
Thanks for reading

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Update #5

It is with great plesure that @HFP was appointed as our new Event manager!

We have a new website!

For some reason I can’t edit the main post updating the website, I am DMing a Mod to see how I should solve this, but if anyone knows please reply here. Thanks

Happy flying!

New thread coming from @Narruto_Mieumieu

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