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IFVARB approved

Welcome to the TAP Air Portugal VA brand new thread!

About us
We are the first Portuguese IFVARB approved VA, based on Lisbon and Porto, bringing the world and Portugal closer (specially Brazil).
We are a relativelly small VA, because we have 49 members.
We offer a professional and friendly journey for all.
We were founded precisely one year ago, by @Manuel_Macedo and @Narruto_Mieumieu, as we wanted to meet more Portuguese players in IF, which made us make new (and amazing friends) who happen to live in the same city than we do.
In the summer we will have things changed, such as the system and website.


Our fleet is composed by the following aircraft and the respective liveries:
-Dash 8-q400-Generic *
-Embraer E190-Generic
-Embraer E195-Azul **
-Airbus A319-Generic
-Airbus A320-TAP
-Airbus A321-Generic
-Airbus A330-Generic or Factory
-Boeing B747-200 (not in operations any more)

1* Even though TAP doesn´t operate this aircraft, we do have it in our fleet as it is the closest plane to the ATR72-600, which is a key aircraft in TAP express fleet.
** We have an agreement with AZULVA (which is in approval process) that allows them to fly the a320 with TAP’s livery and us to fly the E195 in Azul’s livery.


Our ranks are the following ones:

0hours-Trainee Pilot-ERJ190 and D8Q400
3hours-Cadet Pilot-ERJ195
6hours-Second Officer-A319
10hours-First Officer-A320 and A321


This VA has a nice variety and ammount of routes and destinations, spread across Africa, America and Europe, with the destinations in places such as:
London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Luanda, and much more!
Our countries on focus are Brazil and the US, as TAP flies to around 10 destinations in Brazil and 4 (for now) destinations in the US.
NOTE: If you dont have live, you can fly any flight in the regions, as long as it is with your designated aircraft.

Our partners

Currently we have partnerships with Azores airlines Virtual and Emirates Virtual
. However, we do have partnerships with more VA’s, however these are the ones which are already certified. To check all of our partners click here

Codeshare agreements

What are the codeshare agreements?
Well, our codeshare agreement allows our pilots and pilots from partner VA’s to fly a route which isn’t operated by one of the airlines. The pilot just needs to have enough hours to fly one of the planes used in the codeshared routes and then, he can fly the route and log the flight hours in both VA’s, and the hours will count on both VA’s.

A pilot which is in TAPVA and Air Azores VA can fly Ponta Delgada-Lajes (codeshared route operated in Air Azores Dash8). To earn hours for both VA’s, he just needs to fly that route with the respective plane. After that, he logs the 25 minutes of flight time in Air Azores server, and then he does the same in the TAP server, but he adds that it was a codeshared route operated by Azores.
The same thing can happen if the pilot wants to a fly a route operated by TAP and not Azores.

Our communication

We use a discord server to communicate among us, because (personally) i rather discord. Our server is only accessable by an invitation link, sent by one the managers to the person who applied.

Future Plans

Here at TAP, we always try to improve and overcome ourselves, so we have a list of objectives and plans to make happen in the future, such as:
-Improving our current systrem, with a new webiste and changes in the system, using VAM. Target time: June, July
-Finishing our brand new future alliance with more VA’s.
Target time: Depends on the founder VA’s IFVARB approval time

Currently, this is the website in use:

Even if you don’t have live, we will still accept you!
However, you must speak English or Portuguese.

Join us!

Thanks for reading our thread! If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to post them in the thread! But before you go, please vote in the polls below.

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  • b) You didnt explain well.

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Thanks and happy landings!
Obrigado e bons voos!

João Sousa, CEO of TAP Air Portugal Virtual.


There is an error in the second poll, the (i will reply saying what) part should be in the yes option.
Sorry for the mistake and please ignore that.


Good thread, love it! Always liked TAPVA since I entered it, never regretted sending that application to join this amazing VA, I have made many friends here, thank you TAPVA!

To add, TAPVA is not just a VA, the people there are all united, we are like a family, we worry about other people and always try to the possible and the impossible to solve issues, staff are caring and attentive, a VA that I recommend for everyone. If you like to fly out of Lisbon and/or replicate flights for TAP this is the perfect VA that perfectly fits you!


Thanks for your hard work guys! Looking forward to an even better experience! Excellent job!


Nice VA! I do suggest that not all info on the thread is hidden though, things like about us and website, other than that, good luck to TAP!


Good luck on your new VA!


I’m actually having real fun with you guys, thanks !


Corrected that, thanks for the suggestion and thanks for the good luck wish! All the best to Jetspeed and you!


It was approved about 8 months ago, but the old thread got closed. Anyway, thanks for the good luck wish!


8 months ago! Dang, but good job reviving it again.


Good luck João, success in this VA :)


Thanks, Rennam! It means a lot coming from you!


Looks great, again great job and proud of being a part of this VA!


As a tip of advice maybe don’t let everyone know about your inactive memebers. Just a tip. Nice thread otherwise!


As there are VA’s that only say how many pilots have and as we don’t have many active pilots (you can see it in our events), i thought that most people wouldn’t believe the number, so i did that to be precise :-)


Thanks for the heads up João Sousa, virtual aviators TAP & TAP express division is a non-profit based division of Virtual Aviators that simulates its real world counterpart TAP Air Portugal and TAP Express (former Portugalia).

Please come in from the rain and sit by the fire! We’re happy you found us and hope you will feel at home here.

Air Portugal VA
Staff and Moderators

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But will people really want to join if you tell them your VA has over 50% inactive members? Focus on the positives! 😉

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You are right, however being active or inactive just depends on the pilot, but either way im putting the total number of pilots. Thx


Very nice thread João, would not expect nothing but a good thread coming from you, everyone feel free to join our VA, we will welcome you in our little big family!

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Wow, thanks, Manuel! Couldnt agree more hehe!