TAP Air Portugal Flight Lisbon - Toronto Pearson (LPPT-CYYZ)

Over the last week, I did a flight from Lisbon, Portugal’s LPPT, to Toronto Pearson Airport, CYYZ. this flight was on Air Portugal’s A330-900NEO. Enjoy!

Server - Expert
Time - (I used flight resume so there wasn’t a set time, so we could say roughly 7.5hrs wheels up)

Waiting at the gate for the flight.

Lining up with the runway.

After rotation, we soar into the skies of Lisbon. We’re pretty heavy today, so even at the appropriate rotation speed of around 150 kts indicated, we still find ourselves at a high AOA for required lift for takeoff.

Note: I know this rotation looked a little sketchy, I know, please don’t bust me in the comments, but I promise I leveled out to a more realistic climb angle once out of ground effect.

Climb out over the Atlantic:

Still climbing…

Cruising, about to start descent as we approach the STAR over Ottawa.

Final Approach:

Just barely before the mains touch the ground. I landed this one no A/P, so it wasn’t perfectly on the 1000 footers, but I think I was close enough, and since I was landing on Toronto’s 6R, I knew I had plenty of space.

And finally parked at our gate in Toronto. Thanks for reading.