TAP Air Portugal A330neo

Tap Air Portugal A330neo

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About Tap Air

Tap Air is the flag carrier airline of Portugal, with its headquarters and hub located at Libson Airport.
In it’s all Airbus fleet are some 70 aircraft including A319’s, A320’s, A320neo’s, A321’s, A321neo’s, A330-200/300’s, A340’s and finally the newly introduced A330neo, delivered on the 26/11/2018.

I feel this Tap Air livery should be added when/if the A330neo family is introduced into Infinite Flight because 1. it marks a historic achievement for the A330neo program and Airbus and 2. it is a stunning livery and would make Infinite Flight better in so many ways.

Thank you very much for reading my feature request, and if you do feel the same way as I do about this Beautiful A330neo livery, please don’t hesitate to vote. Thank you again!


Good morning and good evening.

Just to tell you that it’s a very nice request.

(But I have more votes and when I have votes I will vote, immediately)… cordially Gregdu69… 🙂🙂🛫🛬✈


We have to first get the A330 Neo. The A330 needs to be re-worked before it has more liveries added.


I do totally agree: we need the A330neo first.
There is an a330 rework with almost 1k votes. The rework should include the A330neo and of course the TAP livery must be included as TAP is the launch customer.

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If you want to vote for the A330neo family, vote here

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