TAP Air Portugal A319 Registation error

I am here to talk about, not for the fact that the registration is misplaced but for another issue I found with the A319 that was released with the TAP livery. Well i’ve Discovered that the registation on the A320 is the same on the A319 (CS-TNH on both and also both called Almeida Negreiros). And currently the real CS-TNH is a real TAP Airbus A320 not A319. I mean this just seams like the A320 livery was slapped into an A319 Livery template without changing almost anything, and I want to say that I would like to get this fixed because we Portuguese, are dissatisfied and disappointed of how this livery turned out.

And both planes have the same name:

This is no hate post but I think it would be rather important to address this issue.

Known issue and previously reported by other user :)