Tap air cargo A330-200

Due to the current demand for air cargo transport, TAP Air Portugal, following the growth of the market, will return to operation with an aircraft exclusively cargo

I would love to see this livery 😍

shouldn’t it be TAP Air Cargo A330-200?

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Yes it is…

Hey there, nice request but are you sure that’s the right livery? Isn’t it supposed to be painted like this?

The one you provided looks photoshopped

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Sure it is like that my friend

Here’s the proof

Mate,the first picture is photoshop,the letters are bigger in real life and the TAP Air Cargo A330-200 isn’t a full cargo plane ,it’s a “Preighter” plane


Yeah it’s full cargo! They converted to full cargo

Hmm a livery called “air cargo” but carries passengers, it don’t make sence!

But it isn’t carrying passengers…

But why it got windows?

Do cargo planes don’t have window?

It’s merely been a converted passenger aircraft, which means the interior was removed so cargo could go where the cabin would usually go

Ok I got it @KTJ_Mitchell

It is not full cargo, if it was full cargo you would have to have a large cargo door, look on the company’s website,
In the cabin configuration it says “Preighter”

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