TAP A320 at LPFR

Yesterday I flew out of and into Faro airport

These were taken on the expert server on a short hop from Faro to Lisbon


Beautiful shots! Love the TAP livery too. I think my favorite shot is the third or fourth shot with the aircraft on final…

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Thanks for your positive feedback, I love the 4th photo too it’s got to be my favourite

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Nice shots!

Thank you 😌

I am picky but next time use the replay mode so we don’t see the thing you swipe to get to the home screen :)

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They were from the replay mode I can’t get rid of it on there 🥴

Did you use the camera icon from the replay mode?

Nope but I will next time👍🏼

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That will fix it, nice pictures anyway :)

Thank you 😊

Beautiful, well done there Captain!

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Thank you 👍🏼