Tanker up for the milking over SoCal now.

Gonna be burning circles in the KC10 over SoCal for a bit for anyone that wants some practice. Callsign: Nat’l Guard 29
Fpl in photo.


Which server?

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I’ll stop by. Same question though, which server?

Training server. KSFO is not open on the expert server.

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Callsign is Marine 329

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In all my life I’ve never heard someone refer to a refueling from a tanker, “milking”. Genius 😂


Rather than using the general category best to use either the dedicated tanker thread Refuelers || Tracking Thread or post under the Group Flight section as will also meet the rules for that as well!

A, sure you are a tanker expert already, but check out the Tanker Tutorials for hints and tips!

Happy hunting.


Thanks for jumping in, guys! Was pretty fun.
And yes, was on training server… More traffic there.

Not sure if you get XP on here for AAR but if not, maybe you should! I was impressed, a couple of you even stayed on the boom while in a bank, which is certainly realistic. My anchor area was huge so had some straight and level time also.

My waypoints weren’t perfect, or even realistic for that matter, but I wanted to cover a lot of area to pick up any stragglers that may be out and about. It’s more common to have a tanker on station in a pattern or anchor, but w/e…

Anyway, was good fun! Here’s a few screenshots. Hope to see you guys around again 👍

@Sean_Hartland, @anon82246052, @Dubya

Screenshot_20190125-234014 Screenshot_20190125-235902

Cool shot of @Sean_Hartland on the break after topping off! <0 salute!

Cool shots @LT_SLICE! Next time put the boom down though!

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