Tanker Talk: Air to Air Refueling Procedures

Yes! I love it! Should introduce some more professionalism into AAR! Hopefully everyone has a scroll through and gets some info! Cheers 🙂

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And I agree there is an issue within the current thread, with pilots communicating through the thread, it makes it a lot more untidy!

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Thanks! Yes I wanted to put together a single short guide which people could refer to ( should have added the FLS and Speeds, will go back and edit them in later on). Also nice to have a central uncluttered thread so that both tanker pilots and receivers can quickly see if there is any action around for them to join in!

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Remove the tracking section in your post. There’s already a dedicated thread for that.

Hopefully this gets around


This isnt meant to be a tracking thread, however it was a sugegstion for clearing up the tracking thread as when I have looked at it I find it hard to find any details of when a Tanker is available for business.


I love the format! I’ll implement it IMMEDIATELY

@David_Lockwood I tagged you in the post to give you the courtesy. Please make sure if it’s correct.


Excelent post @David_Lockwood!
Just to add the KDC10 operations of the RNLAF, Eindhoven Air Base is their home. Mil AIP netherlands
ENR 1.1.9 Air Refueling Page 24 is what we are looking for.

Regards, Tom


Thanks Tom,

have added that to my reading list for the commute home tonight!



Fantastic work! It’s neat to see the proper formation procedures.


It’d be interesting for both refueling AND commercial fights if they could program “holds” into the autopilots!


@David_Lockwood. MaxSez: Exceptional, Comprehensive, Professionaly Stated. This Topic belongs in Tutorials. It also should lead a single source separate Tanker Feature as previously posted. Or be established as the only FDS approved “Thread” for all things “Tanker related” member generated items by Link.

Having participated in Tanker Ops as the Tanker and Reciever in the RW, I consider this Topic the straight scoop!

Well Done Dave this Topic deserves a Golden Peanut;



to complete the Netherlands part:
there are two tracks for refuelling training in the current Netherlands AIP.
I have mad Flightplandatabase entry’s for them.

CAROL track
EHEH Eindhoven Air-Base, CAROL track, and back

POLLY track
EHEH Eindhoven Air-Base, POLLY track, and back

EHLW Leuwarden, EHVK Voelkel might be the realistic starting points for F16, the netherlands C130H where based at EHEH.



Germen Mil AIP refuelling anchor map

link might be broken, you can find it here:
German MIL AIP

under “GEMIL FLIP MAP” “Air Refuelling Anchors”


Jet another one that fits to the topic „Talk-„:

Omega Tau Podcast about AAR with the KDC10

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I wanna try it
Can but today
I tried with my friends several ways
What is require for refuel at air
Is there any mentioned member

For additonal information, including speeds, and flight levels please see @DeerCrusher 's excellent tutorial Aerial Refueling Tips, Tricks, & Information

Also post in the following thread if you want to try bring a tanker so you can get some customers. Remember to use the correct format. Refuelers || Tracking Thread

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If air refuelling got boring for you:

via @CivMilAir on Twitter

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‘We extended international relations, you know the bird”.

‘Yes thank you Goose, I am aware of the bird…”

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