Tanker/Refueling NOTAM

With the DC10/MD11 update out and everyone exploring what the new aircraft have to offer, I wanted to touch upon several issues involving the refueling aspect of the tankers while under ATC control.

When you’re flying an aircraft in controlled airspace and are not operating under a “flight of” moniker or a group flight, please take care not to:

  • Try flying under a tanker to refuel.
  • Trying to pass off your flying as VFR in order to get close to said tanker.
  • Flying towards random people in order to refuel.

While working approach, I’ve seen a big increase in people who will just fly up to tankers all over the airspace and attempt refueling. This is a no-no for a couple reasons.

As controllers, we have a legal obligation to separate aircraft under certain rules, especially IFR to IFR planes coming in for an approach. It is possible that while attempting to refuel…

  • Aircraft in the approach may not want you near them.
  • The controller certainly doesn’t want you near them (you will be turned away when feasibly possible).
  • It can violate a number of flight rules.
  • It has the possibility of interfering with other planes in the approach.

While there are instances and exceptions of refueling under ATC control, the coverage we have in Infinite Flight, especially not having center, doesn’t feasibly excuse refueling in such close quarters to an airport. Keep that in mind.

Attached below is a picture indicating what you should not be doing 10 miles from JFK.

Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas to all!


I’m sure this will hopefully calm down once people have done refuel missions.

good reminder to people still ;).


Awesome Post! Was on final APPCH the other day when a jet tried to refuel from me! Very annoying!

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It was up and you can still refuel with it up

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Oh that’s a shame. Haven’t really refuelled a lot. Thanks for letting me know though!

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No problem, tbh when the boom is up it should cut off refueling…

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. Maybe for another feature 😉😏

Refueling shouldn’t even be done at 4,000ft. Ideal conditions would be FL180 - FL220 depending on the terrain, and well out of ATC airspace.


I guess people like the idea of spraying avgas over populated areas…


Last I checked none of the props where able to refuel mid air Joshy! 😜

Simple. Get a buzzsaw and cut out a hole in the nose. I’m sure we can jury rig a pipe or something. Just add ten pounds to the nose, 20 in the back to counteract the weight, then calculate the new CG south of the datum line.

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Nice post Josh! I bet it’s very annoying for a approach or any controller for that matter!

LOL @JoshFly8 That is pretty funny.

Thanks for the post it has totally been needed since the update. “IFVARB, constantly improving you’re IF experience”. : )

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