Tanker needed

Hello. Is it possible I can have a tanker please for 2 aircraft? Currently over EGPH on the training server

Can the tanker even fill all aircraft? If so, I’ll see if I can come over :)

Which aircraft are you flying?

Hey, please check out this thread here to request refueling

You can request one here or make one for yourself :) I wish I could but as of right now I am in another flight.

On my way :)

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F22 callsign “TYPHOON2003”

I’m now above EGXE

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280kts ias
Hdg 120

That’s copied

Want me to turn around

Form on me callsign g-toby

Will do!!!

What’s your heading

Hey, I’ll try to come!

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What’s your Heading?

Heading is 090

Let me know if you need a turn or anything

I’ll realign since you reduced your speed which made me go off course.

Kindly update your speed details because I see that you keep changing it without advising so it’s hard to know when to stop. 👀