Tanker 10 along with the citizens of Missoula in their evening "Howl"

Every night at 8:00 pm residents have been going outside to howl as a sign of appreciation for heath care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 14 Neptune Aviation joined in on the howling for health care workers with a special flyover.

“Neptune Aviation is extremely grateful to call Missoula “home” and witnessing the response of Missoula’s medical community to the COVID pandemic has been inspiring,” said Jennifer Draughon, Neptune Aviation Services’ President. “Neptune decided to show our support of the medical community by arranging a fly-over of Community Medical Center and St. Patrick’s Hospital at 8pm tonight as part of Missoula Howls.”

Neptune’s Tanker 10 aircraft took off around 6:15pm to conduct a training for the upcoming fire season and then flew over both hospitals around 8:00pm. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Dale Dahl and First Officer Jerome Peeren.


Evening howl?

We do this every Thursday in Britain rather than every week. Last week we had someone playing the sax. 😂

I’ll see what’s in store for today/tomorrow 🤔

Our howls from the air are the sound of Seagulls


Yeah we howl. You can hear it from all across the valley. @PlaneCrazy you should see this.


Howling is for wolves.


And BAe 145s/RJ85 engines

Yeah, I heard about this yesterday, pretty cool! It had quite the elaborate flight path😂

Credit: kmsospotter on Instagram

There’s another video of it here if anyone’s interested:

Neptune did something like this at a Grizzlies game a few years ago. It’s pretty cool how they participate in community events like this!

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