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This isn’t my direct neighborhood. I live in a community on a hill that over looks this one. That thing came swoopin in like an eagle.

So Interesting!

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Are you talkin about the DC10 or the MD87? I have a friend who flies the DC10 I met down in MCC when we were down there this summer

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We also had a couple passes of the 747. I had no idea it was coming and I almost had a heart attack when I saw a 747 over my house at 500 ft. It was so cool


I hadn’t seen a 747 so close up unless at an airport

I’m so glad the USFS allowed it to fly in the US what a great help this season

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It would be awesome to look up and see that big monster up in the sky crossing fields and dropping down that chemical mixture!

Yes, that’s a good work!

In addition, have a look at the physics during this kind of procedure. Quite interesting

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