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I was flying the DC-10F, and on the default “10 Air Tanker Carrier” livery, there’s a button in systems that says “Tank Open.” What does this do? I can’t really see, so I’ve attached a picture, and if anyone knows, please reply😁😉


For it to work,it has to be in mid air. And when you open the tank,there is only a very slight difference! This is what it looks like when it is open. The black part is the open section.



But what’s the point? Is it as a fire extinguisher thing?

No,it just looks cool 😉

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Right, topic answered!

It’s a pretty pointless button😂

I think it’s a firefighter.

Wasn’t this meant to say it’s not a firefighter?

DC firefighter tanker, It is used for drop!

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Why do they always have coloured stuff (water?)?

Color marks the area hit by the drop, and the fertilizer encourages regrowth of plants in the burn area. The red stuff is a fire retardant rather than a fire extinguisher, slowing progress to give firefighters time to reach the area. The retardant will stain your house if it lands on it, though it washes off. The fertilizer component is toxic to fish and is harmful to pets and people if they ingest some.


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Why would there be houses in the middle of a forest?

Read the article, it explains all very well!

Sometimes fires don’t happen right in the middle of forest, examples are the Carrs Fire this year.

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Are those pictures yours ?
They look awesome, in the middle of the action 🔥

Nope lol I only have a few shots from when we were down in Redding they’re just helicopters =P

I Think this Topic it’s solved and it have to be closed!
I think!
Let me know if I’m incorrect!

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Yes. This is a Fire Tanker. It’s sister is the Global Fire Tanker which is the 747. The bottom is where the retardant comes out of the plane when dropping on fires. This thing is heavily used in California during fire season. It is a great plane spotting opportunity as it flies close to 200 ft in the air. (If there are no obstacles to crash into)

That top picture is my neighborhood. That is the Liberty Fire.

I wonder why the gears are down.

No kiddin? You lose your house or anything this year?