Tangible Aircraft

A problem we have in Infinite Flight right now is that planes can taxi through or fly through each other.

I believe it will be much more fun if aircraft could be more “solid” and tangible so planes can be pushed or moved when they hit each other.

This would be possibly amusing especially on Casual Server LAX or JFK.

There may be a reason the developers have not added this but just give it a thought

So what do you think? Let me know below

Wouldn’t be very amusing considering IF is a simulator and not really a game.

Wouldn’t be amusing for those who can’t access expert yet (due to their grade) either who already have to put up with a load of nonsense in casual and training

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It would be incredibly hard to do this, making animations for damage. Remember Infinite Flight is a Game that isn’t condoling Crashes - they want this to be a Game where people can fly, and enjoy themselves.

I can see why you want it, but imo it’s not in my interest atm.


I think when new players see grade 3’s 4’s and 5’s messing around on the casual server they might get the idea that that’s what happens on the expert server. So if hou make it so that planes can just get pushed around new players are really going to struggle because other people find it amusing.


I understand the problems above, but for me, I have never had an aircraft taxi through me on any server (apart from take-off on Casual where a fighter jet went under my wing). Expert - Yes, Training - Maybe, Casual - Definitely.

I’m gonna vote😉

I’m not really thinking about damage, I’m more thinking about just bumping you back a bit

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Being honest, I don’t think this would ever be implemented because of trolls.

Someone could join the server, especially on casual or training servers and purposely bump into people and annoy them.


bumping and moving back is a nice idea. as trolls on f22 will end as they will get knocked around when they hit a jetliner and jetliner wont move a bit. wonder trolls start using 380 then. 😂
also would be a scene to watch when 2 aircrafts spawn at same gate. 😋

i had this feature request myself long back. it would be fun to fly for those who behave. but the point is its hard to implement untill we find a way to make everyone on live server behave. :)


I can see why some people would want this. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that this is a good idea.

In addition to Infinite Flight, I also have Gunship 3 on my tablet, which a multiplayer combat flight simulator/game. It has collisions between aircraft of the sort you are suggesting. Of course, trolls use this feature as a weapon to ruin the game for others. At times the trolling makes the game unplayable because it is impossible to taxi to the runway and take off before someone crashes into you.

I absolutely do not want to see IF turn into something similar.