Tampa International Airport To Offer All Passengers COVID-19 Tests

Tampa International Airport To Be First In The United States To Offer COVID-19 Tests

Tampa international airport has officially announced that they will be offering COVID-19 tests to all passengers. While it is not mandatory, they stated

Testing services will be offered on a walk-in basis from Thursday, October 1st to October 31st, seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. The pilot will be open to all ticketed passengers who are flying or have flown within three days and can show proof of travel. The PCR COVID-19 test costs $125 and the antigen test costs $57.

They have BayCare health helping and performing the testing. They also quoted

“We’re proud to continue to work with local partners like TPA to expand access to COVID-19 testing,”

BayCare Health are also testing in three other locations around the Tampa area. The airport will be one of them, it’ll be really exciting to see where this will take the United States. All this happened all airports? Or will this just be for Tampa?


Very nice! This is how it should be done across the world if the infrastructure can be implemented!

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It’s optional - does it provides any extra protection? Probably not unless someone is tested and they end up being positive. Other than that someone could be negative and have it a few days later. Personally I think multiple tests and a quarantine would be more effective.

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I agree, however this is a step in the right direction for United States airports

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I mean if it’s rapid testing it could help, but not if someone has already boarded a flight if it takes 2 weeks to get the results back. And you are traveling so like @Chatta290 kind of said, you could get it after being tested. That’s why there’s only so much testing does

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I agree. It’s more of a testing site rather than a travel test area.

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