Tampa Int’l Spotting - April 20, 2019

Hey everyone, recently I had the chance to do some spotting at KTPA to start off my spring break vacation. I must say I got some decent pictures! photos are unedited

image image

I hope you liked these pictures, and until next time! 👋

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Amazing, great spotting, keep going mate!
Good day.

Thanks a lot @anon45851224!

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Great shots!

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Thanks Jackson!

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Well there’s a lot of animals @Niccckk.

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Nice shots!

Editing (almost) never hurts.
Great shots of the birds down in Tampa though.

Great shots! Love all of them!

Thanks everyone!

Nice shots love them!

Great photos. Were you on top of the garage with everyone else

I was on the 9th deck, at the short term lot.

Yea that’s where everyone goes. I take my boys up there every weekend. They love it.

10/10. Best airport in the US, very bizzzy at all times, and 100 times better then FLL

A month or so ago they were only using 1 runway so it was better for spotting.

Wow! Awesome shots man, I did not know the Iceland Air served Tampa.

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Very nice!!

Keep it up 🙂

Nice ones, I thought this was KLAX XDDDD

Lol @Dillon_Lewis.

Thanks everyone!