Tampa Cargo Airbus A330-200F.

Tampa Cargo (Transportes Aéreos Mercantiles Pan Americanos) was bought by Avianca Cargo, who keeps the livery of the former still in use.
Tampa Cargo became the first user in Latin America to operate the A330-200F.



  1. https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/Airbus/A330/1380/N331QT-Avianca-Cargo

Pretty airplane. I noticed your love for A330’s.

The cargo version is underrated here on IF, so we need more versions.

I love the Airbus A330/340. I’ve still got a wish list of liveries I have on both.

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Preferably in the Avianca Cargo livery though.

The company uses two different liveries, I’d prefer both.

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Tho the middle part is empty I would still like to see it very cool

I support this.

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i like the colors nice livery

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