TAME Airbus A330-200 @ JFK


Just one photo tonight. Too lazy to post any more.

Enjoy and good night.


Gorgeous!!! Never heard of Tame though.

Yep - me too!

I thought you made a mistake and added an E at TAM ^^

What is this airline? Anyone knows about it?

TAME is Ecuador’s largest airline, Transportes Aereos Militares Ecuatorianos.


@Mike_Kramer nailed it. Not much else to say other than they operate a domestic fleet of A320s and some turboprops.

TAM sends their A330s up in the wintertime according to flightstats and with the withrawal of the A330 from their fleet it may not happen winter 2015(?). Hope they send A330s up though-Despite getting sick if seeing A330s, I’d like to see TAMs before it disappears


@Mike_Kramer & @Boeing707: Thanks! :)

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very interested livery, i liked this livery TAME Airlines will be wanted on IF

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