TAM Airlines callsign

Hello @MattLaban, how are you? The reason so my contact with you and the following. After so many requests to include the livery of TAM, anyway she has been updated in the A319. However, the name of the airline TAM (TAM), was not inserted into the “Airlines” in the game, as shown below to appear in the Call Sign. For example would be as follows: Call Sign: TAM 031 Heavy. However we don’t have that option in the game.

Please do this and we will be very grateful to meet our request. I like the game and I’m always buying new aircraft and lives, too.


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It should also say (t-am) not Tango Sierra Mike, that annoys me. And for UPS, just say ‘UPS’ instead of Uniform Papa Seirra. Also There isn’t a Frontier call sign.

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Hello @Ronaldo_Menezes welcome to the community! Just to ensure you understand, this post is visible to OVER 5,000 people on the community. Not just Matt:) and if this is a feature request, another Regular will move it for you as needed (unless this has already been requested).

“UPS” annoys me the most. I agree it should be fixed.

This is a known issue. The callsigns of the new airlines from the most recent update (including TAM) have not been added yet. This will most likely be added in the next update.

You shouldn’t be using “Heavy” with an A319…


All callsigns belonging to the new A321 airliners and a few A319 airliners are still missing. Bit annoying, and I hope they will be added next update…