TAM Airlines A330-200

I wanted to make this request for Airbus A330-300 new livery, because Infinite Flight needs more brazilian liveries like TAM, Azul and GOL. So this is the A330-200 from TAM Airlines.
TAM was one of the first companies to fly with the A330.

TAM A330-200

Plane registration: PT-MVV
Credits to https://airway.uol.com.br/tam-aposenta-a330-jato-que-lancou-seus-voos-internacionais/

I think it would be a good addition livery for the Airbus A330, anyway, its a beautiful livery for the aircraft. And also, it will be good for the LATAM’s Virtual Airline fleet in Infinite Flight
Vote for it! :D

I think the A333 needs a rework more then it needs more liveries. Hopefully with the rework they’ll roll out lots of liveries for it since a lot of carriers use the A333.


Yeah, I think this livery can be added after A333 being reworked

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I did not know that TAM was flying with A333.

They didn’t, that’s an A330-200

They never had an A333


But in the title of this topic is A330-300 Tam.

It’s wrong, it should say “TAM Airlines A330-200” :)


The only time I saw this livery in the A330, was in KMCO, looks pretty neat, sad they’re no longer in service.

Little observation: this is not the ICAO code, is the plane’s registration.


Would be nice to have this liverie. The A330 needs a rework soon it’s becoming more popular aircraft since global was released

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Great livery for the A330

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Yeah, its a cool livery for the A330, since it becoming more popular aircraft when global was released

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Vote for it! :D
Its a cool livery