TAM Airlines A320 (1980 Livery)

It would be awesome to have this nostalgic livery for the brazilian community and for IF :]

  • The livery was introduced in 1980 when their first Fokker-27 arrived, it was used until 2008 before it was replaced by their last livery before the merger with LAN in 2016. The last aircraft painted in the old colors received the “new” livery in late 2011.

“Proud of being Brazilian”

About TAM Airlines

  • TAM Airlines is part of the Brazilian LATAM Airlines Group, which operates through two major bases of Brazil, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. With a fleet of 172 aircraft, TAM operated 800 departures daily. In June 2012, the union of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines was finalised and the creation of LATAM Airlines Group was confirmed.

  • The airline was one of the most important airlines in Brazil, and provided domestic and international routes for worldwide customers with scheduled services to destinations within Brazil, as well as international flights to Europe and other parts of North and South America.

Unfortunately out of votes, but this definitely has my support, and a lot of support!

Also, could you add a little more information in the thread? Thanks!


Thank you!
Also, I added more information :)

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Wasn’t the livery introduced in the early 2000s? I’m pretty sure in the 80s the livery was this

I believe there were multiple versions of the livery, the oldest one being the one with the blue tail and red stripes (the A319 from the picture was a special retro livery) but the A320/19 only got the one with the red tail

There’s also these variations

I always considered them different liveries 😂

Oh 😂
I consider them variations because they never changed the logo lol

Well, about that…

The A320 never got blue tails tho

I’ve never seen the A319 in that version lol only the A330

Yes please! We need more TAM. :)

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If TAM A320 and A321 ever get added in the simulator, it would be really nice to also have the old livery