TAM Airlines 757-200

Hello IFC!
I would love to see TAM Airlines 757-200 on infinite flight, tell me What do you think ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

About TAM Airlines: LATAM Brasil - Wikipedia
About Boeing 757: Boeing 757 - Wikipedia

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Hey Daniel!

TAM never operated the B757, the image you have linked is an artistโ€™s representation of what it would look like if it existed. The developers do not add liveries which are non-existent, so Iโ€™m afraid itโ€™s very unlikely that this concept livery will be added.

Furthermore, this request should belong in #features. Unfortunately, you are TL1 (Basic) and thus do not quite qualify to post in the #features category just yet. Keep engaging in the forum and youโ€™ll get there very quickly and will be able to post feature requests in the future.

Take care!