Tam 767-300ER Oneworld

TAM 767-300ER Oneworld

Hello Community!
Photo Credits: Boeing 767-300 TAM "One World" PT-MOC | Rodrigo Bertoli | Flickr
Why we need this?
We need this because there’s not a lot of TAM or Oneworld planes in IF. So I this to be added along with the Tam 777-300ER. And this can be perfect when the South America scenery.

More about TAM: LATAM Brasil - Wikipedia
Would you like this in IF?

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Please no negativity in any of the posts
Also please don’t say “You don’t need a poll”. I know we don’t need it but I want so there
Let me know your thoughts about this livery!
Also please let me know if this is a duplicate.


One another dream… This livery


Hey there!

This is indeed a duplicate. I have flagged the old one for closure.

How about you clean up the post a bit so it is aesthetically pleasing to look at? I can help you out if you’d like; send me a DM :)


So pretty! Go Tam Go Tam Go Tam!

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There are two dreams: The first is the rework of the B767, and the second is the addition of Tam’s livery. ❤️


What‘a beautiful livery! Go vote!

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Random question: How many “One World” liveries are we currently having in Infinite Flight?


Not that much.

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One more vote!

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Im for South America and I would love to have this livery and as many of the south american ones, but currently im out of votes