Tallahassee International Airport | The Capital Of Florida

Tallahassee International Airport

I’ve decided to take on the project of KTLH | Tallahassee International Airport, the capital of Florida, and my biggest airport yet as an airport editor. Here, I will share updates about the airport and sneak peaks!

Update Log:

August 22 - Initial Upload

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Omg! I am so excited for this one skye! 🤩

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Thank you for loving my home state. <3

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No problem :)

OMFG!! FINALLYYY… I use this airport so much IRL and in IF!!!


Today I’ll begin lots of 2D work to hopefully start 3D by Monday 👀

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Yes! Cant wait!

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Every time I hear Tallahassee I thing of The Office lol😂

Do we have any updates yet?

Hello! As of now, 3D is just about to start!


Cant wait to fly my pet alligator here

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