Talking to the ATC

Hello everybody, I was just thinking if IF could add a function that consist in a microphone with which you can talk and chat with the atc controller, like this pilots can manage much better flight operations and the other part of the flight. Everything without deleting the written way, that could be useful if someone can not talk or if he can’t speak English. Just to give 1 airport a day to the voice chat. Sry for my bad english

What do you think?

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Here is a feature request about what your asking! I would go vote for it below!


This won’t be happening anytime soon. They’ve said multiple times that it would be impossible to monitor the ATC chat and it could lead to people saying stuff that shouldn’t be said. There are some ATC discords where ATC can control with their voice, but those aren’t official.
Also, if the pilot can’t speak English, they have no way of communication with the controller. You can’t possibly expect IFATC controllers to know every language.


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