Talking to pilots 20 feet from landing

Hey is it ok for a tower controller on IF to tell me to turn left when able and contact ground when I’m landing and 20 feet from landing? It was a bit distracting. Also this happened on Expert Server


Misclicks can happen when preparing the command… I already did that bro


DM to the controller could do the job

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No, it’s not. IFATC protocol states that an exit runway should be given when the landing aircraft is rolling out at approximately 70 knots GS. Apologies that this happened to you.


The controller shouldn’t be doing that. They are expected and trained to give runway exit commands with better timings than that. If you’d like to discuss about a specific controller’s performance, please feel free to send me a private message and we can continue from there.

Alternatively, we can continue in the PM thread from the last incident you reported.



I always just wait until I am at a speed once landed that I can safely contact ground so it is safer for other players.

Can’t speak to IFATC procedures but I have never had a controller give it to me in the air. Irl we do get off at some taxiway and over to ground sometimes quite quickly after landing though.

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