Talking To ATC?

I saw a YouTube video, where a guy was talking to the ATC. Is there a way I can get that?

Not sure what YouTube video you’re referring to.

if you know the atc and you talk to him on the phone or something

These people do it
This is not supported by FDS and is only permitted on the free flight server.
Didn’t you post this same question earlier today?

I swear someone asked this yesterday. If this was you, stop making duplicate posts and spamming the forum. If this wasn’t, have a nice day :-)


Yes. I’m sorry. I thought it I accidentally deleted it. Thanks for your help man

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You can’t delete a topic, so if a topic is deleted it was by a mod for a reason:)

Thank you sir

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Do you know how to set it up in IF?

You need to contact the people who run it

Where can I do that

Click the link I supplied for you:)

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Thank you man

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