Talkin' to pilots.

Is it just me or do you guys talk to the pilots after the landing and rate their landing. Better yet, sometimes I use during the flight to see if they’re tired. Anyone?

I do, I had a really long talk to the pilots once, and I realize how much I’ve learnt from aviation since then. It was a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300.
This was in January, and back then, I didn’t know if an A330 had two or four engines!


I’m quite the talker! Sometimes I just say thanks you. But I usually have a nice talk with them. Although I wouldn’t consider it that long.

I did, after landing in Las Vegas, I thanked the pilots for the little tour over the Grand Canyon (the pilots told me that flight path should take the plane over there).

No offense, but thats kind of miserable


It was, back then.

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That means that you’re a pretty new avgeek right?

Actually, I had been an avgeek since mid 2015. Just not as serious of one I am now.

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Thats real new,
Im an on and off avgeek since around 2009!

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