Talk using your own sentences to ATC (only expert server)


I was thinking about this one thing, about if you could talk to ATC, using your own sentences.


“Lufthansa 576, we are ready for takeoff at Runway 25L, departing south.”

Instead of using the normal format.
This might improve realism.

(only on expert server, as it could be easily abused on training)

How to you suppose this will be used? It certainly cannot be typed, as IFATC have enough on their plate already. And on expert, there is also no guarantee that there will not be trolls.

I can see where you are coming from though


Maybe it could be done, like only professional users, like Grade 5 or Grade 4 can use it. Grade 3 can’t unless they are ‘trusted’ by a staff member.


During FNF, for example, this will not be an option. And grade does not mean anything. There could also be grade 5 trolls. I have seen some before.

I am happy to continue this in PM to not clog up the thread


Then it could be simply done like users that are professional are chosen by staff members and trusted, so that they are allowed to use the option.

As IFATC I really don’t see how it could be possible simply because of the time it would take. If I have to say
“N241YD turn right heading 080 descend and maintain 4500 maintain 4500 until established on the localiser cleared ils approach runway 05”
That literally took me 1 Minutes to write instead of 1 second with the current system. It’s already complicated to control sometimes especially during FNF . Imagine with this feature!?😱


No, what I mean is if you want to, you can use chat and if you want to you can use the system

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Imagine everyone in the waiting line typing all commands. That takes a looong time. It doesnt really matter if it’s the atc or the pilot typing. It takes longer anyway and therefore would be a huge issue during events like fnf

Look what I said above. It simplifies the queries from everyone :)

I can still see problems. With the current system if I clear an aircraft or he asks me for something the flight strip is updated and some short cuts are created for me. (And the pilot with the green writing) if a pilot is using this “chat” system and I am not, those shortcuts and updates can’t happen.

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I like the concept, but I’d go for a fully vocal solution as your idea might be very confusing because of the way our ATC robot voices pronounce things.


I can see a reason why you would want this. For example sometimes I’d want to use a procedure that isn’t in the commands or if I have something I want to say to an aircraft but it doesn’t exist now under “misc”. That Could be useful. But there’s still a problem because I might use a procedure that the pilot doesn’t understand, or he might not know how to reply and that would delay things…

The madness at EIDW today while I was controlling on Expert consolidates this. Trying to make aircraft depart in a huge queue while also sequencing them, and all of them I had to type, well I would have a meltdown.

A vocal solution would be a good idea, as @Marc stated

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Unfortunately the same problem exists with vocal. People come from all around the world and have different accents. Also some people speak with more ease than others. I am pretty good at English since I speak it every day, but one day I got to talk to a plane (while I was visiting an atc facility) and the pilot asked me to repeat since I wasn’t confident of what I was saying. I was hesitating because I was afraid to say something wrong, but my accent in English is good…

I agree, confusing and can become mildly annoying for example, hearing the word “dot” in the ATIS and some airport names that contain International spoken as “Intl”!

I can only see this being implemented via third party apps if at all. Example IF instruments allow you to talk and control flap settings, gears etc.

Vocal ATC or Typing?

Well there is still a service that is being widely used in flightsims but we in IF can’t use that is called Pilotedge… it’s with real ATC people and it’s a monthly subscription but it gives a real nice experience.

This may already be a duplicate.

I just don’t see this happening.

  1. Not everyone speaks the same language
  2. Accents can interfere
  3. No control over what a pilot says.

It may be fine for PC games but I dont see it happening for mobile.

You have to keep in mind our user base. Being mobile, you don’t want Timmy’s mom hearing another pilot blurting out cuss words or worse. That leads to negative reviews and then parents telling other parents to stay away from Infinite Flight because it is full of trolls.


If you want to see this go terribly wrong watch some of the ATC trolling videos on YouTube. I can get ugly really fast!