Talk about the 737

I opened this so everyone could enjoy talking about the Boeing 737. What you like about it so on.

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Cockpit is lame for how many animated parts it has.

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This is for real life and IF

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I guess the B737 is nice…

Long live the a320!


Leave. Right. Now.


I have only flown on four 737’s in my life:

:Southwest 737-200
:Alaska 737-900
:American 737-800
:Southwest 737-300


I’ve only ridden on the 737 beside the ERJ-145 and CRJ-700

Sweet how long ago was this


What’s wrong with some friendly competition?😋

2005, I was only 2, but I was very lucky, It was the last year it was operated. I remember that flight vividly still 11 years later. Good times…


I’ve never been on any other aircraft than the 737. Really sad… I don’t want to fly on them anymore. My first Airbus flight comes in 4 weeks and 1 day!

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XD, my first Airbus flight came three years ago.

737-500s,737-700s, 737-800s…
Good thing that Condor doesn’t operate the 737!

I have flown in the 737-700/800 in Copa Airlines and the 737-300/700 in Southwest Airlines. Also I have flown in the 737-900ER in United Airlines and the 737-800 in Delta Airlines.

The 737 liveries that I like most are Copa (always😊😂), Southwest (new and old including their special liveries), United Airlines, Iraqi, Gol (new livery), Alaska (new livery), AA (new and old), TUI (haribo and that livery with the bird 😅)

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I can’t recall flying on a B737.
I think like in 2007 I flew a GOL B737 I don’t remember where.
But usually I just fly A320-A321-A319 since LAN has TONS of them.

Tomorrow I’ll be aboard a B737 GOL

I have literally never flown on a 737, just the A320 family and other Airbus. But I have flown on the 747 and 777 but that’s all of the Boeings I flew.

I’ve been on SWAs 737-500 and 737-700

I’ve been in a 737BBJ once, and on countless occasions on other commercial 737s. I like them, but I feel that the nose cone on the 737 is a really old design and needs to be renewed.

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