Taking World Cup teams back home!

As we all know, the much-controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup is in full swing in the Qatari capital city of Doha. 14 teams remain in the Round of 16, with the USA meeting a swift end to their WC bid at the hands of the Dutch, and Australia coming up just short in their bid for 30 extra minutes against the Messi-led Argentina squad.

That said, the players and staff are going to need a way to get back home to their countries, and that is exactly what I am doing. As more teams are eliminated from the World Cup, flights to any major airport within the team’s country will leave Hamad International (example: I would take Australia back to Sydney). I will only fly return flights from the Round of 16 onward to the Cup Final.

My first return flight (currently in progress) is taking the Australian men’s national team back home to Sydney Kingsford Airport. This will be an arduous and certainly a time consuming task, but with winter break from college right on the horizon, I should be able to pull it off in plenty of time, and I will update this thread as flights are completed, so follow along (and maybe join along on the Training Server, if you find the time), as I circumnavigate the world with the best football players, coaches and eventually the world champs in tow!


A sad day for Australians 😔🇦🇺


And Americans 🇺🇸


Yes. But Australia isnt really good at soccer like Argentina and some European teams. Australia is more renowned for Rugby League and cricket.

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I bringed back German team with LH from DOH. To FRA yesterday.

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Well, we weren’t expecting to win but it’s still a shame we lost.


Happy Cake Day!


I brought back Serbian football squad yesterday from Doha to Belgrade.


Who will come home today Senegal or England?, can’t say for sure this world cup was full of upsets and honestly that made this world cup really fun to watch probably on the list of most interesting world cups for me.

Thank you man!

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I’ve got England coming out on top. I want to see a France v England match. That will be one for the ages.

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A bit late to update the thread, was watching Poland get rekt by France. I had France winning but simultaneously wanted Poland to upset the defending champs.

Sitting on the Emiri ramp at Hamad International filing flight plan…


Cruising at 38,000 over Western Australia

Mmmmm…butter on Runway 34L at Sydney, and the Australians are back home!

Flight time clocked in at 13 hours, 27min.

Equipment: Boeing 787-9

Max cruise altitude: 40,000ft.

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Hey just saying they didn’t go to sydney. They landed in Melbourne :)

🇵🇱 Poland 😪🤧😰😥😓😭😢

Great idea! Might do some too if I have the time.

United States

Appreciate the update. I wish they had made it public knowledge where the teams were coming from.

South Korea will be added next :( ❤️‍🩹

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Who’s taking the Swiss back?

Ps. That Morocco game was on for the History books what an upset!

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Japanese team just landed at Narita Airport. As disappointing as it was to see us lose in penalties, they played really hard and brought us so much hope and joy. Can’t wait until 2026.

The players themselves flew on EK318, while our manager Moriyasu flew on QR806.