Taking with a IFATC

I’m trying to talk with a controller but he looks inactive, but I really need to talk to him to understand what happened.
If that happens, who may I talk with?

Just give him time to respond :)
Patience is a virtue

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Allow a reasonable time for them to reply, but failing that contacts @appeals if it’s about a violation or @moderators otherwise.

Your controller is likely controlling or sleeping, but you can also contact @appeals about the situation.

oops wrong group

I mean, 7 hours has passed since then :)

That’s not a reasonable time, allow at least a day or two.

Maybe they have a life :)

Things do do aside from Flight Simulator stuff.

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Nah, is not about a violation… just a weird behavior…

Most likely forgot to sign out. Is this on ES?

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I could misunderstand that answer. I understand what is being busy… :)

Best thing to do is wait, people often have many messages and little time, you might not be the first person they respond to