Taking the red eye to head back to reality after exploring Korea! RKSI-KDFW trip report!

Hello IFC, I hope you all are having a very good day! Well unfortunately tonight I have got to finally head home sadly after a very fun trip exploring what life is like in South Korea! I had a good time but I have done everything you can possibly do in that country so I am taking the red eye directly back to Dallas 😢. At least I will be in business class today as always on long trips like this and it was very nice! The flight was pretty calm overall except moderate-severe winds over mainly Nevada and Utah but other than that, the flight was great! I hope you all enjoy!

Flight number: American 280
Airplane: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Route: Incheon(RKSI)-Dallas/Fort Worth(KDFW)
Flight time: 12 hours and 44 minutes
Server: Training

Here is that beautiful Dreamliner I will be sleeping on tonight! They just called group one so that mean I need to board in a minute, you know since I’m in business class!

Wow! The seat is actually not bad especially since I never fly on the L side, the seat looks comfortable and nice with a pretty good view of the south side of Incheon Airport!

About to line up at runway 34, it is currently 9:29 pm.

We are taking off, Goodbye Korea!

Well it has been around 3 hours and we are currently just east of Japan, I think I am gonna set my seat up so I can go to sleep, open up the good old amenity kit so I can brush my teeth and put some cozy socks on that it comes with! And the flight attendant is also offering me a Carmel cake for dessert that tastes very nice!

It has been approximately 10 hours since we took off and about to cross into mainland USA as I just woke up from my very comfortable sleep in my amazing seat! I think I am just gonna go through the inflight entertainment system and watch something, and the flight attendants are now offering me some Hawaiian rolls with a cheese platter, they both look very tasty! 😋

It has been nearly 11 hour since we took off and we only have about 2 hours until we land as we are flying over Colorado, rn I am looking at the flight map to see how far we have until we get to my home land, and I am watching American Dad on my phone!

We are finally on our approach after a long 12 and 1/2 hours of flying with a pretty nice view of the Dallas/Fort Worth vicinity!

Didn’t butter but we successfully landed safely on runway 18R, it is currently 6:31 pm here! But why am I back home already. 😭

We have just deplaned, thank you so much American Airlines for a safe and comfortable flight back to my home land, I loved the flagship business class seat and the inflight service as always on American Airlines, and I had a very nice ride back out to the USA, but it’s time to get my bags from the baggage claim and get to my car, and I am probably gonna grab dinner. But thank you again American Airlines!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed watching this flight unfold, and here is the replay!

Have a good rest of your day everyone!


Looks very we should do this flight together sometime like all pictures😅


Do you really like American Airlines?🇺🇸


Bruh…….look at my bio, username, profile pic!!!

Bruh……. Got it. Do you want to be American airline pilot? Cool me too.

Oh yes I do!

Sweet, maybe I’ll see you there

Did you go thar in game or IRL?

I have never been to anywhere in Asia before lol! I am just making an adult version of me traveling around the world! If you check out every single one of my trip reports, I have been to Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mexico, and South Korea! I plan on going to a lot more places soon that I will make a trip report out of, who knows, maybe one day I can say I have visited all of those countries IRL I hope!

I love it do you think I can ever appear in any of them? I would love to have a chance to fly around with you whether that be well we started in the morning while I go to school.

Well tomorrow morning I am doing KIAD-OERK, can we talk about this on a private PM?

What is a PM?

Private message

Mkay thank you and I did not know what that meant