Taking the new flying pencil for a spin!

Yesterday in the expert server I flew from KDFW - KICT the flight time was about 50 minutes. It was my first full 757 flight and in my favorite livery!

(In an old commercial voice) “Hello ladies and gentlemen we would like to welcome you aboard out 757 Luxury liner with service to Wichita”


Somewhere over Oklahoma

“Ladies and gentlemen over to your right you can see the Tulsa area”
This brings back memories with the AA.com on the winglet

Desending into Whicita

Getting ready for the visual runway 19R

Turning final

“Stabilized” “continue”


At the gate with @IF787

It was a great flight to Whicita, no bumps and great scenery with the great new Aircraft! The devs did really good.

Which one was your favorite?
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How in the world did you make it in 50 minutes? 😂

Never mind, I thought it said KCLT


Great pictures!! Just wondering, is there a reason that there is a visual approach for that runway??


Thanks! and ask @if787 about that one


Lovin that Old AA Boeing 757. Used to fly KMIA-KSTL and KSTL-KMIA with that aircraft and livery when I was a teenager


It’s not my favorite but I think it’s kinda sorta growing on me.

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Old American livery, So nice:) good shots!

Thank you!

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