Taking the Imaginary IF team up the Keys to FLL

Recently I took the stunning Infinite flight livery on the TBM up all along the Keys into FLL. I pretended I was flying the Infinite Flight staff team cause why not. Here is their private charter service up the keys.

The IF team boarding their private TBM for today’s flight

Blasting out of the stunning scenery that is Key West!!

Cruising high over the colorful ocean.

Putting the gear down on finial at FLL

And finally turning off the runway in sunny Florida.

How many islands are there in Key west?
  • 14
  • 1,000
  • 1,700
  • 2,500

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These are some amazing pictures 😍

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Awesome photos. @CaptainZac has been summoned because you mentioned FLL.

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Fun fact: 10,000 islands in total make up the Florida keys (and islands off southwest Florida)

Nice job! Sure Laura and the team loved the approach into FLL (because who wouldn’t) 😉


Staff gets ideas from this


The staff has came together to by infinite flight there own tbm

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With free flights to all pro users 😉

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WOW! Absolutely stunning pics 😍

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