Taking the Dreamliner from the Mountains of Beijing to the Hills of Quebec

Beijing to Montreal

So back in March I was looking for a 12ish hour fight but I didn’t want to fly anything g generic like Tokyo to New York, or New York to Dubai, so I found something just a little slightly less generic, Beijing to Montreal. 2 major cities, but I was a little surprised to see that Air China flies this route. Air China isn’t currently flying this route, and hopefully I don’t have to explain why, but they use the 787-9 in real life. I used it too and flight time was 11 hours and 50 minutes

Flight Details

Beijing to Montreal
Air China 643 Heavy
Boeing 787-9

🇨🇳 • 🇨🇦

Rotating off the runway in Beijing on a cool March morning
The Mountains around Beijing as we climb to our initial altitude of 33,000 feet The deserts of Mongolia north of China Entering Russian airspace as we cruise at M.85 The mountains of the Kalarskiy region of Siberia in Russia Entering the airspace of Santa Claus as we fly high above the many islands surrounding the North Pole We got close to sunset over North Canada, but it stayed bright, as the sun never sets in the Spring and Summer Descending the light the lakes and plains into Quebec and Montreal On final approach, Air China 643 Heavy is cleared to land Touching down in Quebec’s largest city!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What is the official language of Montreal?

  • Canadian
  • English
  • French

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The answer to the last Question was Country Roads, by John Denver which 28% got correct!


Live the shots! I especially like the second one! That should really be a preset view!


Interesting route! I love your photos!! 😍👌


Never liked that specific Air China livery but nice shots.


very clean photos! i like that!


Nice shots as always. Did you know that Air China operates a fifth freedom flight from Montreal to Havana? Seems like a pretty cool route for a foreign airline


Nice shots! I especially love when you finish it off with a nice, perfect, centerline landi-
oh wait


Beautiful! It’s a shame we don’t have this livery on the A350, but I’m hoping it gets added to the 77W

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These pictures are awesome!!! My favorites are the first, the seventh, and the last :). Great job, keep it up :)

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@anon9524891 thanks! I love that angle so it would be a cool addition
@DanyyRude @Ondolo thanks guys!

@ILOVE7879-2.0 thanks a lot :D

@Lucas_Piedra I almost flew that leg too! Occasionally that flight flies right ove my house

@Suhas 😡 😞

@snoman thanks! I don’t use the Air China livery a lot but that would be a cool addition when they rework the 77W

@CaptainLeo1 thanks! I’m happy you like a lot of them :D


They’re nice, but something notices me…
You use the same angle almost every screenshot topic🧐

I suggest trying out new angles, it never hurts to try something new. If it doesn’t work then you won’t do that angle again :)
But that’s just me

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Yes just yes.
I speak Canadian. It’s a very hard language tho.


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Thank you sooooo much for flying into my home airport! Find a flight to Slovakia now 😏.

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Wow!! Beautiful pictures. The color and scenery is just amazing. Love the gear tilt. The moonshot is nice too.

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@KindaTartySliceOfPie reallly ???That’s amazing, difficult language for sure 😉

@Philippe_Gilbert I know, I should look harder lol

@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks! I can’t imagine how great the 787 would be with Gear tilt in IF, so I don’t have to use a replay “glitch to get it” 😂


You are 100% right and I just thought about that when I took these phots, tomorrow (today when you see this) I’ll post San Francisco to Zürich and I’ll try a lot of different angles. Thanks for the feedback :D

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😍Love the pics, haven’t seen pics of this livery in awhile, great post!

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Thanks a lot Armani! Definitely an underused livery in my opinion

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