Taking the C208 for a spin in the Caribbean!

Hello Folks, today I went flying in an underrated location, in an underrated livery, and in an underrated Aircraft, I flew from Saint Croix Airport (TISX) To Cyril E. King Airport (TIST) in a DHL Cessna 208! Here are a few highlights!


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:36
Aircraft and Livery: DHL Cessna 208
Flight No. and Callsign: DHL962
Editor: Photoshop Express

Enough Chit Chat, let’s get to the point!

Parked at Saint Croix Airport, Loading Cargo and building the short Flight Plan

Taxiing to Runway 28!

Look at this beautiful scenery!

View from the right wing!

Overhead Shot 👀

Short final, prior to a SMACK

That’s all guys, hope y’all enjoyed; make sure to vote for your favorite picture below!:

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Have a chocolate 🍫 and make sure to fly to this beautiful location! ;)


That last photo is amazing! Unlike the landing


Thanks so much, Master!

Oh you don’t wanna see that 😬 But I guess my name @Hardlanding_Hussain for a reason :P


I like to always use DHL & Fedex C208 in Caribbean routes since its appealing and Great photos!

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Yea those routes are my goto options when I wanna fly short hops! Also, Thanks!

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